Poor Jega

No matter how one looks at it, Prof. Attahiru Jega could not have zoomed off more poorly in the current national elections that he is driving.

What an unfortunate thing. It is not often that elections do not take place in Nigeria because the umpire was not ready: materials do arrive late; accreditation could be shoddy; fingers may wag at perpetrators of electoral fraud; there may be violence, arson, murder. No matter. Elections always take place.
All lovers of Nigeria should join in a little prayer for Jega. He needs it to regain the confidence to continue after this poor start, and to end it strongly and creditably. I am encouraged that he still has a little goodwill, judging by comments from well-meaning Nigerians who want our elections to be free and fair, and our votes counted and made to count.
Allow me to also add my goodwill from this corner, for all it is worth. Good luck to you, Prof.

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