Anambra State Government moves against sit-at-home order by IPOB and instructs residents to henceforth resume full socioeconomic activity on Mondays.

Secretary to the Government, Professor Solo Chukwulobelu, yesterday, 10 September, ordered banks statewide to operate fully every working day.

However, State Government spokesperson, Chief C. Don Adinuba, explained this morning that the order affects every person resident in Anambra State.

“All markets as well as motor parks and commercial vehicles are henceforth to operate fully every Monday and any other weekday except any day declared work-free by the appropriate authorities.”

“No responsible government can stand akimbo while the future of its people is destroyed gratuitously,” Government said in the statement.

“The good people of Anambra State and, indeed, the Southeast have for the past five weeks been grappling with a vicious cycle on a grand scale.

“Some pupils have missed terminal terminations, with all the grave implications for the competitiveness of the youngsters and for the future of our state.

“A number of small-scale restaurateurs have had their entire investments destroyed by these non-state actors for coming out to pursue their legitimate business, through which they feed their families, pay house rents, pay for the education of their children and take care of friends, relatives, associates and other dependents.

“Some have lost their cars and motorcycles, their sole means of livelihood, to these non-state actors.

“The less lucky ones have lost their limbs and even lives most gruesomely in other parts of the Southeast.”

The Government said it has put measures in place to protect Anambra citizens from the non-state actors intimidating everyone.

The State Government also observed that the leadership of IPOB had themselves ordered these Monday sit-ins to be cancelled.

Read the full government statement here.

Anambra moves against sit-at-home Mondays

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