drop in South East's Covid19 cases

Enugu Metro checks reveal further drop in the South East (SE) Covid19 infection cases last week, an enduring trend this August.

Infections dropped 38percent in second week while last week which ended yesterday recorded a massive 70% drop from previous week.

Imo and Abia States led the drop in cases last week, each recording half of the cases it had the previous week.

Ebonyi figures dropped by a third.

Both Anambra  and Abia States were the exceptions as they experienced 79% and 88% increase of new Covid19 cases respectively.

In contrast, the region recorded a smaller number of discharged patients last week than it did the penultimate week.

Three deaths were recorded in Enugu(2) and Abia(1), compared to previous week where (1) from Ebonyi could not make it.

So far, 80 percent of the 82 deaths in the region are from Ebonyi (33%), Enugu (26%), and Anambra (22%).

Total Covid19 infections in the South East currently stand at 3,441 cases, with 2,430 discharged and 82 deaths.  The figures reveal that so far, 7 out of every 10 cases survive, while the death rate is a mere two percent.