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Coal City Book Festival Begins Dec 16

Coal City Book & Creative Festival, another effort to promote reading and writing culture among Nigerian children and youth, will take off in Enugu on 16 December at the Palms, Polo Park Mall.

Chief promoter of the 3-week festival of creative and literary displays, Uche Cyril Anioke, told eMetro News that this fifth edition of the programme specifically targets the Christmas shopping audience coming to the Mall.

“We would like to see a situation where parents who come to the Mall, to buy what their children will eat or what they’ll put on, will also think of what to feed their children’s minds with,” he said.

In addition to displaying current and rare books and graphics works, the fair also features intellectual fun games for children, including writing competitions, spelling bee and other games that develop young minds.

Uche Cyril Anioke, promoter

We would like to see a situation where parents who come to the Mall, to buy what their children will eat or what they’ll put on, will also think of what to feed their children’s minds with

Uche Cyril Anioke

Anioke therefore encourages everyone to come and see how much fun it is, with children often being the ones dragging their unwilling parents to the stands.

“We are happy to report that even when parents succeed in pulling their children away from us, most of them eventually return another day to look for what they can buy,” he said.

Mr. Anioke said attendance at each event has been encouraging but they would like even a lot more parents to visit the fair.

“We have done the demographics count and we can confidently say that almost a quarter of the people who visit the (Polo Park) Mall have stopped by our book stands.

“This audience is bigger than what you’ll find in all the bookshops in Enugu combined.

“We have partners coming from all over the south-east and south-south to display various rare books that quite a lot of people are delighted to see and buy.

The Coal City Book and Creative Festival is organized each quarter, with the longest and biggest edition fixed during the school long vacation period.

The promoter also said that most of our people in the Diaspora who come home on holidays are fascinated by the number and variety of books that they could take away from the fair.

“Their best buys include Igbo books and charts,” he said.

This Christmas edition of the festival will end on 6 January 2020.

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