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The Enugu State Ministry of Health said this morning that the two cases confirmed in a bulletin from the NCDC last night were recent returnees from the United Kingdom.

Head of the State Multi-Sectoral Rapid Response Team, Dr. Ifeanyi Agujiobi, said in a statement that the two cases voluntarily contacted the Ministry of Health on arrival from the UK and in response to media jingles asking them to do so.

“So far the patient has remained in isolation and the Enugu State Multi sectoral Rapid Response Team has commenced contact tracing”

Agujiobi expressed the State Government’s gratitude to the two cases for answering the call for all returnees from overseas in the last 14 days to report for evaluation.

“We still wish to encourage all those that returned recently from overseas to contact the Enugu State Public Health Department through two dedicated lines- 08182555550 or 09022333833.”

He asked Enugu State residents not to panic as health personnel are already positioned to respond to the present situation but rather continue to observe “high level of personal hygiene, maintain the social distance protocol, and stay home.”

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