The Federal Govt today, 29 June 2021, announces successful re-arrest of leader of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB’s Mr. Nnamdi Kanu

Enugu Metro learnt Mr. Kano was returned to court this afternoon to continue with his trial for attempted overthrow of the government.

The trial, reports say, continued in the Federal High Court presided by Justice Binta Bello.

There was a heavy security cordon in the courtroom with none but lawyers and prosecutord allowed access.

Details of Mr. Kanu’s arrest are still sketchy at this time.

News of the arrest was attributed to Attorney General and Justice Minister, Abubakar Malami at a briefing with the country’s security chiefs on Sunday.

The arrest was said to have been made the same day, Sunday 27 June, although they did not indicate the location where Kanu was picked up.

Malami indicated that the IPOB strongman was handed over to Department of State Security officials who brought him to court today.

Since it is not clear where he was picked up, analysts speculated that this could have been in London where Mr. Kanu lives.

If this were the case, it would be hard to determine whether his was an abduction or the result of a collaboration between Nigeria and British Governments.

Under international conventions, a country could request repatriation of an alleged criminal escapee by their home country for prosecution.

The host could also refuse requests for repatriation, as happened in 1984 when the Buhari Military regime sought to bring back Alhaji Umaru Dikko for corruption trial.

A subsequent government-sponsored attempt was made to abduct Alhaji Umaru from the streets of London and stuff his body into a crate for export to Nigeria.

Kanu was extradited by the British, his lawyer says

The commando-like operation was foiled by eagle-eyed British security officials at Heathrow Airport.

Like Dikko, Mr. Kanu has waged a relentless propaganda asssult on the Buhari administration from his London hideout since escaping trial.

He is however a British citizen, which makes the reported arrest curious.