Have you ever wondered how to set up or view emergency phone contacts and info on your smartphone? Here’s is all you need to know.

In the old days, we were simply told to set up special numbers and save them as ICE on our phone contacts. ICE is short for in case of emergency and it is for a number of persons to contact if the owner of a phone is involved in an emergency and needs others (first responders) to help them quickly.

With today’s Smartphones, we input not only contact numbers but also health information that can be very decisive in an emergency. Anyone with a smartphone can set up emergency information.

Should we set up emergency information? No one prays for a personal emergency, but it can happen. Emergency phone contacts and info on your phone can save a life. Literally. What is more, it can happen to others and if we are the first responders, we shall also need emergency information to assist them.

I always advise those who want to skip information on existing conditions to consider using their personal doctors as one of their emergency contacts.

What Emergency Information should we provide?
Today’s smartphones give us options to provide two types of information. One is information on medical conditions – allergies, existing conditions, prescribed drugs, blood type, etc. The other information we need to provide are emergency contacts – up to three persons that we want to be contacted in an emergency.

Emergency Phone Contacts and Info is a choice

The type of information we provide as medical conditions is a personal choice. What first responders usually look out for are key information like blood types (in case of blood transfusion) drug allergies and current prescriptions. I always advice those who want to skip information on existing conditions to consider using their doctors as one of their emergency contacts. If you want to do that, ensure this is very clear by saving the contact as “My Doctor” or something else that will be so obvious.

What personal contacts should you provide? Parent or spouse is first on the list. Your personal doctor is another possibility. Your boss or HR person in your work place is also a possibility. Think of three persons that will promptly act if contacted about us in an emergency and use them as our emergency contacts.

Here’s how to set them up on IPhone and Android

Emergency Information on IPhones

IPhone users can easily set up their medical ID and have it displayed on the screen even or hidden from view when the phone is locked.

IPhone owners can usually create emergency contact on their phones during initial set up. Open the Health App, and you will be prompted to enter the information. If you skipped this procedure during initial setup, you can remedy the defect as follows:

  • Open Health App and select Medical ID
  • If prompted, tap Create Medical ID. If not, simply tap Edit
  • Enter information you want emergency responders to see.
  • If you want ICE info available from IPhone lock screen, turn on Show When Locked.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Medical ID to locate and enter Emergency Contacts
  • Note: You can only enter contacts that are listed in your Contacts App. Also, the Health App will ask you to confirm the person’s relationship to you.
View Emergency Information on IPhone
  • When Medical ID is visible on your locked screen all a first responder needs to do is tap the Medical ID icon on the locked screen to read the information.
  • When Medical ID is not visible from your locked screen, emergency responders can still access the information with just a few taps, as follows:
  • Swipe up on the locked screen
  • Tap Emergency button that appears
  • Tap Medical ID

Emergency Info on Samsung Phones

Samsung phones are different from other android phones because adding emergency numbers and medical information can be done directly from the Contacts App.

It is a straightforward process:

  • Open Contacts App.
  • Tap on your name at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll to bottom of your profile page to find the Emergency Section
  • First, enter Medical Conditions you may have (allergies, medications, blood type, etc). Tap Save when done.
  • Then select Emergency Contacts and add people to your emergency list.
View Emergency Info on Samsung

Emergency contacts are not usually shown on locked Samsung phone screens. To view emergency contact information on a Samsung phone:

  • Swipe up on the lock screen and then,
  • Tap Emergency Call

Emergency on Other Android Phones

Non-Samsung Android phone users go through a different process to set up Emergency information.

  • Open the Settings App.
  • Select and tap About Phone.
  • Select Emergency Information

If the above does not work (the Emergency info is not found in About Phone), try the following:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Users & Accounts (or Accounts in the case of Techno).
  • Tap Emergency Information
  • When you get to the Emergency Information, tap the pencil icon to edit information and add emergency contacts.


The process for accessing and viewing your emergency informationphoned when information is not visible on the locked screen, whether IPhone or Android or any other phone. Simply swipe up on the screen to bring up the pre-set unlock method (PIN, pattern, etc). This will also display the Emergency Information or Emergency Call button.

First responders are able to get help quickly and learn what to do fast for the phone owner in an emergency situation.

No one prays for a personal emergency, but it can happen to one. It is important to know how to set up emergency contacts and information on your phone and how to find it in other phones during emergency; it can save a life. Literally.