In court filings, the Government of Kenya denies arresting Mazi Nnamdi Kanu nor extraditing him to Nigeria for trial.

High courts in Nigeria and Kenya are inquiring into whether Kanu was legally returned to Nigetia to continue his trial.

Kanu’s brother, Kingsley, filed a suit against Kenyans justice and immigration officials for ilegal arrest and deportation.

He claimed in an affidavit that Kanu was abducted and bundled to Nigeria, leaving his British entry passport behind.

Kingsley also accused the government of collusion in the alleged extraordinary rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

However, the Kenyan Government said her security officials have no hand in the arrest and extradition.

This emphatic denial puts the Nigerian Government in a spot on how to explain the “interception” of the separatist leader.

In Nairobi court filings, the Kenyan Government made it clear that it has never arrested or detained Mazi Kanu.

It also said there were “…no extradition proceedings to justify that the Government is responsible for (Kanu’s) extradition.”

Furthermore, Kenya also said there are no records in any police station that show Kanu was ever arrested or extradited.

She therefore argued that the petitioner hasn’t proved that any law enforcement agency hitherto showed interest in Mazi Kanu.

Germany-based Kingsley Kalu, on behalf of the family, petitioned against Kanu’s depotation at a High Court in Nairobi.

George Wajackoya, a flamboyant immigration expert and law professor, filed the court petition in September.

He told the BBC that he is being retained by the Kanu family, including his wife and brothers.

The lawyer described the action of Kenyan authorities as an “unconstitutional and unlawful removal” from Kenya.

He also accused Kenya of “abduction, denial of fair administrative rights, and violation of (Kanu’s) fundamental human rights.”

Kenya denies arresting Nnamdi Kanu

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