Labour Party today received a massive welcome in the three places where Presidential Candidate Peter Obi made whistle stops.

Obi visited two campuses of his alma mater, the University of Nigeria, before arriving Okpara Square venue of a rally.

Students at both Campuses in Nsukka and Enugu went wild upon learning that he was on campus.

Later at Okpara Square, he vowed not mortgage the future of youths if he wins the Presidential election.

In his speech at the event, attended by thousands of adoring citizens, he resorted to familiar themes, among them:

  • That he is not contesting the position because he is from the southeast but because “I am qualified, and I believe I have the capacity to unite Nigerians.”
  • The promise to take Nigeria away from production to consumption.
  • The Obi-Datti ticket is unique because the duo has the education, are entrepreneurs, and have managed businesses. “We have managed people and know what it takes to manage the economy of Nigeria out of its current state.
  • His focus will be on education, infrastructure
  • People should not vote in the 2023 presidential election based on religion but on competence, and
  • There is an urgent need for Nigerians to get their PVCs and use them to “vote out bad government.”

He said the current fight to reclaim the country from bad leaders is not his but that of the youths and other concerned and committed citizens. Nigeria has over 200 million people and about 160 million are poor, he said.

Baba-Ahmed Mobbed

The crowd at Okpara Square mobbed Vice Presidential candidate, Yusuf Datti Baha-Ahmed, as he made his way to the podium. He kept pumping hands for the ten minutes it took him to get there.

“I’m overwhelmed by the warm welcome accorded to me. It was so much that I forgot there is kidnapping in Nigeria,” he joled when it was his turn to speak.

He said that Labour party has come to unite Nigeria.

“In this world, people that do not respect you will never give you justice.

“This is the time for Obi. Beside Obi, any other candidate running for president in 2023 is deceiving himself because Obi is an exemplary leader moving Nigeria from disunity to unity, from consumption to production.”

Baba-Ahmed said he is working with Obi not because he is an Igbo but because he has looked round and discovered that he is the most competent man to take Nigeria out of the present condition.

Aisha Yesufu responds to Tinubu

Fiery activist Aisha Yusuf responded to yesterday’s assertion by APC candidate Bola Tinubu that the Igbo should vote for him to enjoy the national cake.

“It’s an insult to tell southeasterners that they can only enjoy in Nigeria if they vote for a presidential candidate,” she said.

“No Nigerian is more Nigerian than the other. Nobody should say that if Igbo do not vote for them, they will not get the national cake.

“When they want to steal our money, they do not know ethnicity, east or west. But when it comes to politics, they will know ethnicity and religion.

“Enough is enough,” she said.

Labour Party today received a massive welcome in Enugu today.