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Enugu Metro HR prepares school leavers for employment in Nigeria, teaching critical life skills and how to overcome workplace obstacles. We also place trainees in organisations to learn on the job. And we give opportunity to the best trainees to work as temp-helps – until they land their dream jobs.

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Enugu Metro Jobs is the one-stop platform to look for available jobs in the Coal City. Check out the platform everyday for our latest listings.


Are you in the process of hiring new staff? Allow us to help you select the best among the applicants. We have the software to analyse applications and select the best 10 candidates, based on the criteria you listed beforehand. Metro HR saves you the trouble of going through hundreds of applications. Let’s talk about it.

Metro HR Staffing

When your organisation needs staff to cover up a gap or an emergency, Metro HR will come to the rescue. We have efficient staff to hire out – on temporary or permanent basis.

Is Job Readiness Training free for job seekers?

Yes. But if you want placement in an organisation to get practical experience, you will pay the cost of verifying your identity. Metro HR strives to send only verified persons to organisations. It is a rigorous and time consuming process. Otherwise you can get the free training and move on.

Is Job Readiness Training a condition for getting temporary staff placement in organisations?

Yes, if you are a recent graduate without work experience. If you have experience, you only need to undergo our verification process before you can be placed.

What is this verification process?

We verify your identity, qualifications, and any claims about experience. Finally, we verify character using safety agencies. If an employer wants you on a permanent basis, we share our verification report with them on request and with your approval.

How much does verification cost?

It depends on how deep we want to dig, based on the demand of potential employers. It is affordable.


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