Analysts wonder how Nkanu East/West will monopolize both PDP governorship and the senate positions shared by entire Enugu East District.

Senator Chimaroke Nnamani complicates governorship quest for Nkanu East by purchasing forms to return to the Senate in 2023.

The former governor, undaunted, made a grand appearance before the Peoples Democratic Party’s screening committee today in Enugu.

The party screened a number of National Assembly aspirants today 27 April.

Dozens of supporters drummed, danced and sang as they accompanied him to the venue.

Party chair, Chief Augustine Nnamani (no relation), warmly welcomed him to the screening venue.

Making a grand entrance

How Nnamani complicates Nkanu Governorship Quest

The Governor’s planned return to the Senate complicates the quest for governorship for aspirants from Nkanu East and West.

Enugu District has three federal constituencies – Enugu North/South, Enugu East/Isi-Uzor, and Nkanu East/West.

The former Governor, from Nkanu West favours Mr. Peter Mbah (Nkanu East), his former Chief of Staff, to succeed Governor Ugwuanyi.

Similarly, majority of aspirants who bought forms to contest the governorship are also from Nkanu East/West Federal Constituency

Analysts however wonder how Nkanu East/West will monopolize both PDP governorship and the senate positions shared by Enugu East District.

A politician from Enugu East noted that two of the three constituencies in the Enugu East District have produced the governors and senators since 1999.

“In contrast, Enugu East/Isi-Uzo have not been allowed to nominate a governor or Senator since 1999.

“Clearly Enugu East/Isi-Uzor federal constituency are the whipping boys of Nkanu politics,” the embittered stakeholder told Enugu Metro.

“Our Senator tends to be selfish and inconsiderate. He governed Enugu for eight years and will serve in the Senate for 12 years or more.

“Enugu North/South Constituency produced Senators for 12 years, between brothers from same town, Chief Jim Nwobodo and Chief Ken Nnamani.

“If the former governor is sincere, he will yield the Senate position to either Enugu East or Isi-Uzor. Or support an aspirant from these two local governments to rule.

His position on zoning

The former governor made his position known on the zoning controversy through a statement he released and personally signed on 20 February.

He insisted that political leaders “must respect existing zoning formula” for the governorship seat in 2023.

This, he said, is in the interest of justice and fair play. 

He also claimed that the zoning formula has been in place since 1999 and has ensured peace and harmony and given everyone a sense of belonging.

His successor, Gov. Sullivan Chime, however discredited the claim, saying that Enugu does not operate a formalized zoning arrangement.

Update & Correction

15:03 P.M. 28 April 2022. By Editor

The claims made by our source in respect of Enugu East/Isi-Uzor federal constituency is not accurate.

This is because Senator Gilbert Nnaji is from Enugu East/ Isiuzo Constituency and served in the Senate for eight years (2011 – 2019).

His younger brother, Rep. Cornelius Nnaji, also currently represents Enugu East/Isiuzo federal constituency in the House of Representatives.

The errors are inadvertent. – Editor