In Peter Obi can’t do magic alone, the author analyses how each of us contributes to the current hardship in Nigeria.

Nkemjika Clara Ogbodo

Nkemjika self describes as a political analyst ans fashion expert. She lives ans does business in Enugu, the Coal City.

I went to the market to stock up the house but couldn’t access enough cash. Then I remembered a friend in the market that could at least spare me N10k or N20k cash so I can transfer for her. I knew she does alot of transfers too. To my greatest surprise, she refused claiming it was change she is using to do business 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

I asked when N1k notes I saw in her hands turned to change. 🤔🤔 Apparently, she wants to sell the money. I left and decided to only buy 10 litres of red oil with the cash I have.

On my way home, I boarded a bus going to Upper Meniru in Awkunanaw. Normally, the fare from Garki to Upper Meniru is N100. The driver asked me to pay N200 because of the 10 litres of oil I kept in between my legs 🙄🙄.

I couldn’t understand it. I asked if they have increased the fare or was it only because of my oil. He said it was because of my oil 😅

I entered the bus, sat down and told him I will only pay the N100 that others are paying. I assured him that I am willing to pay N200 if only they have increased the fare. “But you see, telling me I will pay N200 because of this small gallon of oil, I will not do it.”

A man in the same bus asked me to plead with the driver, thinking maybe I did not have enough money. I told him “Oga, I have enough in my purse. But you see this extra N100? I will not pay it.”

The driver ordered me to exit and join another bus so he will pick up another passenger. I refused too.

“I paid you the normal fare that others paid. What I will not do is pay extra for something that’s not worth it. You didn’t put the gallon in the booth, so why should I pay extra?” 🤔

Other drivers gathered and requested that I should pay or disembark. I vehemently refused.

Okwa taa, na me and you people, I told them.

An elderly man came out and enquired what the matter was. I explained. He judged that I should give the driver an extra N50 instead of N100. I still refused. He brought out a N100 note and gave to the driver and collected the N50 balance.

As the driver entered his bus to move us on our way, I opened my purse and gave the old man N1000! I wish I had more cash on me.

The passengers were amazed why I couldn’t pay N100 to the driver but gave the old man N1000. I told them we must learn to resist unnecessary extortion. We are the problem of ourselves in this country.

When I got to my destination, the driver said he loves my courage.

We are all craving for change but we cannot brighten the little corner where we are with a little kindness, we cannot be humane for once. What is the essence of humanity if we cannot help one another without expecting something in return? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Peter Obi cannot do the magic. The problem of Nigeria is systemic. They require change in our behavioral pattern, our mindset, our dispositions. Many that are benefitting from this present situation are praying that things should continue like this but how will it? If Nigeria were to be working, both bankers, POS operators, and traders selling the Naira should be reported, arrested and prosecuted.

The government in alliance with the market leaders should better look into this mess with a view to provide a panacea as soon as possible.

Obi can’t do the magic alone