I’ve been hunting the Web in search of rules that I can apply for a new WhatsApp Group just created. My search led me to think through and propose the following draft to our members. We are currently debating what to add, amend, and expunge from it. If you have the same challenge as me, I hope this helps you overcome as well. Enjoy

“Welcome to our Group’s Chatroom on WhatsApp. This is a network platform to share reminiscences, life experiences and challenges, intelligence,  personal and business events announcements, intellectual discussions, jokes and more.
While not seeking to proscribe free-flowing, as-the-mood-directs conversations, please note that
  1. It is not fair to launch a personal attack on someone for their comments; it’s better to speak only to the issue;
  2. Many will be offended if you promote your religious beliefs: you can tell us what you believe in without preaching;
  3. Many will be put off if you start promoting your political Ideology or beliefs in the room;
  4. Some Individuals may not appreciate it if you target them to solicit or market your products or services in the room;
  5. Quite a few are offended when vulgar or insensitive remarks or comments are made in the room;
  6. Many will wonder what is going on if you carry on EXTENDED one-on-one discussion with another person, as if only two of you are in the room
  7. It is offensive to show off with your wealth, your position, or your intelligence; everyone is equal in the chatroom;
  8. Many do not appreciate being shown pornographic, gory and other off-puting Images.
  9. People generally dislike it when someone digs into their personal life or lifestyle in front of everyone else in the room;
  10. It is not fair to talk in a negative way about our peers who are not yet in the room – and those in it as well;
  11. It may not be in your overall best interest to discuss your personal financial issues, unless you’re soliciting for help.
  12. It is not nice to disrupt flow of a serious, informative or useful discussion with an irrelevant or innocuous posting, perhaps to show that you don’t like it or to force a change of conversation;
  13. Most people don’t read long posts – you could serialize or introduce it with a summary for those types.
  14. There are legal implications to publishing or reposting libellous or other disturbing materials from doubtful or unknown sources.   
The summary of the above is for us to apply moderation and sensitivity to show respect and sensitivity to the feelings of others and to demonstrate how much we value our association and each other.”
NB: If you get inspired to adopt or adapt the recommendations, kindly give us a feedback through the comment option below.


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