Frontal Hair loss or better perhaps a receding hairline especially at the temples is a hormone driven phenomenon in most Men. A strong genetic argument is also available.

Hair is a protein essentially, that is made (grown ) in a follicle embedded just beneath the skin. These follicles begin to become more sensitive with aging to the male hormone Testosterone and tend to stagnate the growth of their hair shafts more and more till they give up and the hair is lost permanently. This happens most noticeably at the frontal hairline.

With that said there is really nothing much we can do to stop NATURAL HAIR LOSS.


Many times hair including frontal hair is lost as a result of some reversible irritant or other adverse effect which if identified and removed will permit a regrowth.

Some of these will include:

Skin pH

The acid mantle of the skin if lost as a result of excessive alkaline soap use undermines the health of hair follicles. And thus hair loss.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Many trace elements and minerals contribute to skin health and their deficiencies cause hair loss.

Ingested Toxins

Many drugs and ultimately the cell proliferation inhibitors used in cancer therapies rob the hair follicle the ability to grow hair. A host of other toxins (even an excess of vitamin A) from our Air, Water and Food can have similar unwanted and hard to identify adverse effects on hair.

Yeast infections

A handful of yeast infections do perturb hair follicles to the extent that the dependent hair shaft is cut and lost.


Poorly fitting headwear may produce traction hairloss (alopecia) and also cause the scalp to sweat unduly and hair is lost.

Overall Health

This is perhaps the least appreciated cause of Hair loss. Hair must have a health milieu to thrive in. So may medical conditions are characterized by hair loss. Low thyroid hormone levels, Protein losing states of the kidneys and intestines can and do lead to hair loss.


I end by saying that I am assuming my elucidating some CAUSES of hair loss point in the direction that identifying these problems and reducing or better removing them entirely will ameliorate hair loss.


Dr. Ekochin, a Consultant Neurologist and Physician, is a director at Regions Hospital, Enugu

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