Hippolytus Onah says that we should allow Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to anoint a successor from Isi-Uzo LGA and argues why.

Where were you when Ex-Governor Chimaroke Nnamani from Enugu cultural zone anointed Barr. Sullivan Chime from the Cultural zone Governor for another eight years after his own eight years? Not only did he make an Enugu cultural zone man Governor, but also made another Enugu cultural zone man from his own Nkanu part of that Cultural zone Deputy Governor to Governor Sullivan.

Did your sanctimonious sermons and avowed conscience of “rationality” go on French leave then? You didn’t know that those who maintained silence in the face of those injustices have so much to say? Look, stop being clever by half and face reality.

When Abakaliki Senatorial zone left Enugu state to form Ebonyi State with part of our Igbo brothers and sisters in then Abia state (including His Excellency Dr. Ogbonnia Onu, the first Executive Governor of Abia state,) can you tell me who went to Abuja and divided old Enugu Senatorial zone into Enugu-East Senatorial zone and Enugu-West Senatorial zone and left Nsukka Senatorial zone that has the largest human population and land mass into one Senatorial zone and changed its name without consulting the people of Nsukka to a totally strange name Enugu-North Senatorial zone? The three persons that did that terrible injustice are Chief Jim Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo (Nkanu,) Prof. Ukpabi (Awgu,) and Chief Silas Ilo (Ezeagu.) All three are one-sidedly from Enugu cultural zone and cousins! They never included any Nsukka cultural zone in the decision making process in a sociopolitical issue equally owned by Nsukka Senatorial zone and Enugu Senatorial zone at the exit of Abakaliki Senatorial zone that made for Governor Okwesilieze Nwodoo’s popular cliche “Triangular Equilibrium!”

If you were from Enugu state and were to be born an Nsukka man who watched all these selfishness and marginalization against your people by those who forgot that power is merely transient, how would you truly feel being treated the way you just read me? I have to assume you may know little or nothing about the way and manner the power before now treated the Nsukka land and people.

Just be guided. Look at another truth to watch: Nsukka LGA is one of the largest and oldest Local Government Council Areas in Nigeria today that has not been subdivided. Do you know why? Because the trio of Jim, Ukpabi and Ilo in a bid to create artificial majority for their old Enugu Senatorial zone had to subdivide Enugu Local Government Council Area into Enugu-North LGA, Enugu-East LGA and Enugu-South LGA and carried the subdivision meant for Nsukka LGA and gave it to Nkanu and Awgu LGAs, and they now have Nkanu-East, Nkanu-West and Awgu LGA and Aninri LGA. Then to deplete Nsukka Senatorial zone to remain one Senatorial zone, to make old Enugu Senatorial zone to rule for 16 years and old Nsukka Senatorial zone to rule (if allowed at all,) for only 8 years, the three musketeers of Jim, Ukpabi and Ilo, removed Isi-uzo LGA from old Nsukka Senatorial zone and added them to their new Enugu-East Senatorial zone to make up the needed six Local Government Council Areas for the creation of a third Senatorial zone as expected in every state of the Federation, claiming Isi-uzo people ancestrally were one and the same Nkanu people!

So, how come today, the same people who used Isi-uzo people to secure two Senatorial zones against Nsukka Senatorial zone, claiming Isi-uzo was ancestrally Nkanu like Ugwuogo and the entire Nike people when it was convenient are now singing a different tune when it is now their turn to make one of their own Governor in the rightful turn of their Enugu-East Senatorial zone?

Is this the case of hunter’s dog and the game the dog caught? Good to use the dog to catch games, but not good to partake in eating the meat when it is done, but has to wait for the bones. The axiom goes that a patient dog, eats the fattest bone. Not the fattest flesh!

My dear brother, would you still say who amongst Enugu and Nsukka looked for trouble and do you still have anything against Nsukka people as to why they feel today the way they feel? His Excellency Governor Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi is yet to speak and the birds on slim ropes are already beginning to dance “Benue’s Swange and River’s Owigiri.” My question is, if not that same swollen arrogance and down-looking of the Nsukka cultural zone persona by Nkanu, Awgu, Oji, Udi and Agbaja people (just like some other uncivilized amongst southern Igbos,) what is wrong in Governor Ugwuanyi following the established pattern and footsteps of his very Excellent predecessors?

Let’s remain calm like the Nsukkas remained under past tenures and allow Gov Ugwuanyi to anoint and produce his successor! Let reason prevail against brickmanship; for soon, we will be surprised to find out that great strength and wisdom lie in the patient and silent. I remember one of the works of Shakespeare and the character depicted of “the Oracle”. Remember the quote: “I am but an Oracle, when I open my mouth, let no dog bark! The millipede they trampled upon is enduring in silence and the persons trampling upon it are the ones yelping!

Allow Gov Ugwuanyi to anoint successor