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Have you ever wondered where to find Enugu postal codes? Here is your guide to all the important Postal Codes for Enugu Metropolis, comprising town and city layouts in Enugu North, Enugu South, and Enugu East Local Government Areas.

Here they are:

it82 Division/Abakaliki Rd400212
Akpoga Nike400223
Amechi 400106
China Town400211
Gabon Village400215
Garki 400105
Golf Estate400210
Idaw River400243
Independence Layout400271
Iva Valley400284
New Era400243
New Haven400221
Ogui New Layout400241
Ogui Nike400241
Trans Ekulu400281
Ugbo Odogwu400282
Achara Layout400243
Zoo Estate400212

Between Zip and Postal Codes

First of all, they are not called Zip Codes in Nigeria. In all of the British Commonwealth (all the nations that were colonized by Great Britain), they are known as Postal Codes. But as in everything else where they strive to be different, the United States uses Zip Codes in place of postal codes.

Both zip code and postal code essentially mean the same thing – an alphanumeric number assigned to different locations in a country. The numbers enable the post office to precisely target locations where it delivers mails around a locality.

Does every location in a country have a code? The answer is yes! Even my local autonomous community in Awgu Local Government Area has a postal code, and so does your village, no matter how remote it is!

The Nigerian Postal Service has done a tremendous job of putting every village in Nigeria on the postal map.

Ancestral lands in Enugu Metropolis

As an aside, the Enugu metropolitan area is made up of three local Government Areas – Enugu North (the Coal City), Enugu South and Enugu East. Tracing the city from its original ancestry, Enugu South is Ntuegbe Land (although many wrongly ascribe it to Nkanu), while Enugu East is Nike ancestral land. Enugu North is shared between Ogui Nike (the original inhabitants) and Ngwo (from Udi clan) which claimed farmlands in the northern part of the metropolis.

Enugu Postal Codes

This issue cleared, do you sometimes wonder what is the postal code for your location in Enugu metropolis? Many businesses in Enugu are advertising the wrong codes – you don’t have to write it if you’re not sure! I have seen a business located in Independence Layout write it’s postal code as 400221! As soon as I read that, my mind said, “No sir, that’s not correct. The correct code is 400271.”

Are you interested in finding out what the postal code of your village is? Click here to check out the post office directory.

Unofficial Websites promoting Nigeria postal codes

Kindly note that there are many unscrupulous individuals trying to copy and paste the authentic Nigeria Post Office direcyory of Postal Codes and hosting them online as their own creation. It’s probably from these unofficial websites that many people copy the wrong codes for their businesses.

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    This is a great job. I was amazed when I followed the steps and the zip/postal code of my village (Amanabo) in Ogugu, Awgu LGA.
    Really, the history/geography of Enugu State is being written on the marble for generations. Up Enugu Metro.

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