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Enugu Metro Stakeholders: there are three ways to join membership of Enugu Metro today and earn the benefits: free member, marketer, and writer.

You can register as a free member and gain all benefits. Or you can register to work for us as a marketing specialist or editorial writer. For both contracts, you may not have to travel outside your neighbourhood. Sweet, isn’t it?

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1. Register as Member of Enugu Metro

Fill our simple registration form and you’re good to go. Membership gives you access to all information and business opportunity on the website.

2. List businesses in City Directory

You must register first as a member to be given access to list your business in Enugu Metro City Directory. Registration is free.

3. Become our marketer in your hood

Register as a member to use this website. Then take a look at the many benefits of being a marketer for Enugu Metro. We pay generous commission. Marketers:

  • sell space for listing of used personal items
  • Liaises with property owners
  • Markets to single car sellers, and
  • Enugu Metro Business Partnership

Enugu Metro connects businesses and organisations, home managers, and visitors to hard-to-find local information as well as opportunities they need to enjoy life, business and leisure. Simply put, we make life easy in the Coal City. Join us right now.

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