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Full Text of Prof. Soludo’s Acceptance Speech

Acceptance Seech by Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, winner of 6 November 2021 Governorship Election for Anambra State

With utmost humility and gratitude to God, I accept the results of the 2021 Anambra Governorship election as declared by INEC. This reflects the supreme will of the almighty God, and an overwhelming sacred mandate of the people.

For 12 years since the massive clamour by the people of Anambra for us to serve them, we persevered to this Divine moment. This is a divine journey whose time has come. To God be all the glory and adoration!

We have a very long list of persons whom God used to make this moment a reality. In particular, we thank all members of APGA especially our national leader, HE (Sir) Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano, our national Chairman, Ozonkpu Victor Ike Oye, members of the BOT, NEC, state Exco, etc for availing me the opportunity to fly the APGA flag and the cohesive party support. Many thanks to our able Campaign Committee, our first rate legal team, and all other stakeholders who worked tirelessly and informally to see us through.

We are grateful to all the stakeholders of the Anambra project – the clergy and the church, traditional rulers, ASATU, labour, market, trade and professional unions, youth and women organizations, non-indigene associations, businessmen and captains of industry, the Diaspora community, persons with disability, etc.

We thank all our donors, especially the hundreds of thousands of members of the 41 self-funding support groups who, for two years, put in their sweat and personal funds to propel this project. Never mind that all of you could not vote.The limited number that voted is still representative of the wishes of the people. We are humbled by the massive support of stakeholders and Nigerians across the entire country. Your donations and goodwill are treasured.

In particular, I thank my wife, Queen Frances Nonye Soludo (@nonyesoludo), and children: Ozonna (@ozonnamusic), Ifeatu (@adaorasoludo), Chinua (@chinny_soludo), Ekene (@EOSoludo), Oduko and Zikora for their love and sacrifices. Despite your deep reservations, you still allowed and supported me to step out in the service of our people. As I promised, I will work hard every day never to disappoint you.

At this moment, we must remember and will continue to remember all those who died in the course of this movement, especially the three policemen who were killed by unknown gunmen during our town hall meeting with youths in my ward. May God continue to grant their souls eternal rest.

The run up to this election and the election itself tested the resilience and integrity of our federal institutions. Many times there were tensions especially as one party boasted that it must “take” or “conquer” Anambra by all means. Our institutions proved again and again that this country can achieve eminent greatness when our institutions rise up to the occasion.

The judiciary, led by the President of the Court of Appeal and the Chief Justice of Nigeria, stood for the integrity of the judiciary. We salute the eminent justices of the Anambra High court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court for standing up for justice. Your names will be written in gold. We thank President Buhari, the presidency, and our security agencies for ensuring a level playing field.

We must particularly commend the Chairman, Management and staff of INEC for systematically striving to bequeath a legacy of free, fair and transparent electoral system to Nigeria. The use of Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) represents a massive improvement over the Card Reader and manual accreditation system. With a continuous refinement of the technology, upscaling of the skills of its operators, collaboration with telecommunication companies, improvement in logistical deployment and security, and stringent punishment for anyone involved in electoral malpractice, Nigeria will be on course to a robust and exemplary electoral system.

Aside from the initial glitches in the operations of the BVAS machines in some places including at my polling unit, the election has been adjudged as the most peaceful, free, fair and credible. There is joy in the land.

Kudos to INEC!

To my fellow candidates in the election, I wish to congratulate you for the gallant contest. Our people have spoken overwhelmingly, and surely that loud voice is the voice of God. The ultimate winner is Anambra people: we are all winners. I hereby extend my hand of fellowship to all of you. I need all of you to succeed. Politics aside, we are all brothers. Let’s come together for the “Project Anambra”. There is enough room for everyone to contribute in the service of our homeland.

On February 7th, 2010, INEC declared as winner of the Anambra governorship election a candidate who had described the election as a sham on Channels TV and refused to vote in protest. Two hours after the declaration, I addressed a press conference and congratulated him, and walked away without a legal challenge. I was probably the first candidate of a major political party to do that in Nigeria. In Anambra, we fight hard during elections but meet the next weekend at traditional weddings and funerals and throw banters and share drinks. That’s the Anambra way! Let’s keep the “spirit of Anambra” alive and strong, and with it, collectively take our homeland to the moon.

So far and even before the official declaration, I have received congratulatory messages from thousands of Ndi Anambra and Nigerians from around the world including some of my fellow candidates. I deeply treasure the massive goodwill.

To the estimated 17 million Ndi Anambra within and outside our homeland (state), this is your moment, seize it! This victory is your victory. My role will be that of your chief servant, and I will work every minute of the day with you to make you profoundly proud. I will need the guidance, advice and contribution of everyone to succeed. Our state is one of infinite possibilities and humungous opportunities.

Working in collaboration with other states, the federal government, and the international community, we have all that it takes to make our state whatever we collectively will that it can be. As we transit to a post-oil world and into the 4th Industrial Revolution, let us work together to build upon the foundations of our founding fathers and predecessors to create that livable and prosperous homeland that is the industrial, technology and leisure hub of West Africa. This is our manifest destiny, and collectively we shall get there!

Finally, let us work together to support our ably working Governor, Akpokuedike Aguleri, to finish very strong. Together, we can, and by the grace of God, we will!

Long live APGA!
Long live Anambra State!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Soludo’s many promises during electioneering

Expectations are high because of the tall promises that the winner made in the course of electioneering.

The most prominent was his boast that he will produce one thousand youth millionaires every year.

He also vowed to create 130, 000 jobs yearly in Anambra and spoke of its implication thusly:

“Any child born in Anambra would not leave the state in search of greener pastures elsewhere.”

The policy wonk that he is, Soludo came up with a manifesto containing his promises of deliverance.

In the days and years ahead after his swearing in, people will consult this document from time to time to match his words with actions.

Although he brandished the document when he unveiled his campaign, this manifesto is not readily available online.

This may indicate that it is still a work in progress, to be finalized now that he has won.

‘I’ll be a chief servant’

I will be a chief servant
…greeting his 90-year old Dad

Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo will be the governor of Anambra State, taking the regins from Willie Obiano in March 2022.

The 61-year old has had a long and tortuous journey to Agu Awka, Anambra’s seat of power.

Last night, Prof. Soludo, asked the people to help him succeed

In a short acceptance speech, he promised to listen to suggestions and to always do the right thing by the state.

“This victory is your victory. My role will be that of your chief servant. And I will work every minute of the day with you to make you profoundly proud.

“I will need the guidance, advice and contribution of everyone to succeed.

Our state is one of infinite possibilities and humungous opportunities.”

Final Scores for the frontunners

Here is the final election outlook for Anambra Governorship Election, as declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC):

Registered Voters   2,446,638
Accredited voters      253,388
Total valid Votes      241,523
Total Rejected Votes           8,108
Total Votes Cast      249,631
Votes Secured         43,285112,22953,80721,261

View/Download a breakdown of the scores:

How the Election was Won and Lost at Ihiala

All the calculations for Ihiala Local Government proved right and wrong for the ruling party and for the opposition respectively.

State Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Chief C. Don Adinuba, had predicted that Ihiala LGA will be a walkover for APGA.

The signs are positive enough, he said.

“Everyone knows where the two House of Assembly members from the local government area belong. We all know where the lone House of Representatives member from there belongs.

“All stakeholders from the area have endorsed the best candidate in this election, some assisting him with resources.”

He factored his analyses on the LGA voting patterns over the years.

“Ihiala Local Government Area cast more votes for the reelection of Governor Willie Obiano in November, 2017, more than any other LGA in the Anambra South Senatorial zone.

“Therefore, the voting pattern this time is easily predictable. What most people can’t predict now is the margin of victory.”

On their part, the opposition PDP was hoping to upturn the election at ihiala by posting an emphatic victory that will clear the gap of 52,000 plus votes standing between PDP and APGA.

Were this to happen, there would have been a run-off between the two candidates, making it possible to cobble a coalition that could beat APGA.

Unfortunately, none of these permutations worked for the opposition.

Prof. Soludo not only extended his lead but also denied PDP the mandatory 25% of the votes.

At the end of voting, the final result in Ihiala, based on the four leading parties, is as follows:

APC                       3433%
APGA                    8,28372%
PDP                    2,49522%
YPP                       3443%

Anambra Voters elect Soludo as Governor

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) early this morning declares APGA’s Prof. Chukwuma Soludo winner of Anambra’s governorship election. READ MORE

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