Chris Okoh counsels that we go beyond clanishness in choosing the governor that Enugu State needs in 2023 and beyond.

We should evaluate the pedigrees of Enugu gubernatorial candidates in relation to the prevailing socioeconomic problems in Enugu state.

Keep in mind that Ebeano produced Sullivan Chime to continue with his legacies. But he ditched that vehicle immediately on arrival and has remained the best governor to occupy the Lion Building in recent times. He had a beautiful pedigree rooted in a glorious gnosiology (world view or mindset) before becoming governor.

Actually, I believe, and sincerely so, that Enugu needs a governor with a successful private sector background like Peter Mba or Uche Nnaji. They will reset the socioeconomic albatross of Enugu which of course includes reorienting our individual and collective mindset or gnosiology. Our people would always tell you “pick a broad leaf to cover the nearby excreta and harvest the mushroom that sprouted around it.”

Political parties are mere vehicles we use to get to our destination.

An American Model

I wish there is a provision for independent candidacy in our polity.

In fact let’s borrow a leaf from the Americans in choosing their leaders. They use what they call “The Leadership ion Triad.” It is represented by an equilateral triangle. At its apex is “the task to be executed.” The left hand base is “the leader” while the remaining right hand base is “the followers or electorate.” They first identity the overarching task to be executed for a better society. Then they select the best personality for the job based on his pedigree. Thereafter, they work on the individual and collecti psyche of the electorate to achieve their goal.

We are lucky that we are now on the cusp of power shifting to the masses when our votes would count through electoral reforms and recent promises and assurances of non-interference by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Let’s do away with clannishness and psychopathic sentiments which have been the bane of Enugu politics.

Let’s think of Enugu and no longer ” Ahar m onwo m ene onye” of the Nsukkas or “Nkanu abata” or Agbaja superiority complex” or ” marginalized notion” of Isi Uzo and the ” Greater Awgu”

Poverty of ideas is the worst type of poverty, and we are blessed with a fair share of it in Enugu State.

Editor’s Note

Front runners (from left) Uche Nnaji (APC), Peter Mbah (PDP) Chijioke Edeoga (LP) and Frank Nweke Jr. (APGA).

What type of Governor does Enugu Need in 2023 and beyond? Electioneering will soon commence. Have your say now. Let posterity judge our role in getting the governor that the Coal City State needed at this critical time.

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One reply on “The Governor that Enugu needs in 2023”

  1. One Response from Prof. O. C. Eneh

    “Let’s do away with clannishness and psychopathic sentiments… Let’s think of Enugu and no longer ” Ahar m onwo m ene onye” of the Nsukkas or “Nkanu abata” or *Agbaja superiority complex” or ” marginalized notion” of the ” Greater Awgu”
    Poverty of ideas is the worst type of poverty, and we are blessed with a fair share of it in Enugu State.

    I don’t see “clanishness“, “psychopathic sentiments” and “poverty of ideas” as the issues. They were birthed. To “do away with” them is utopia – the kind of suggestion that usually come from oppressors, those benefiting and not hurting.

    The oppressor shouts ‘peace’, ‘peace’ to allow him enjoy their loots; the oppressed shout ‘war’, ‘war’, afterall, they’re on the ground and needn’t fear a fall.

    To address the situation calls for diagnosis and proper treatment – not “do away”. And, “clanishness”, “psychopathic sentiments” and, “poverty of ideas” aren’t a monopoly for “others”. They’re in the blood and together form the bane of Enugu State development.

    You can’t wish it away. Gov. Okwy Nwodo empasized and nurtured the tripartite arrangement (dubbed “triangular equilibrium”) as the governor of former ENS (present Enugu and most Ebonyi states) in 1991. He wasn’t prepared for, but came into, power by chance.

    Nwodo’s false premise was that Nsukka should be a par with Enugu and Abakaliki. ASUTECH had campuses in Abakaliki and Enugu. He created one in Nkpologu (Nsukka).

    In reality, Nsukka had belonged to the category of County as Udi and Awgu; Enugu was a regional capital. In the craze to match Nsukka with Enugu, he mobilised Nsukka masses to populate ENS civil service. Nsukka dialect became the (unofficial) lingua franca in Ministries, PPSMB, IMT and ESUT. From then and for long time to come, appointments of head of MDAs oscillated between Nsukka and Enugu/Udi. Awgu was out completely. Nsukka-Enugu transportation boomed for most workers living in Nsukka.

    In the creation of senatorial zones in 1999, Awgu-Udi-Nsukka equation was upturned from each of them having/heading a senatorial zone. Nkanu (Enugu East) replaced Awgu, which merged with Udi to form Enugu West zone.

    Political power zoning followed suit. Awgu/ Enugu West lost out in development. Gov. Chimaroke Nnamani made it worse. He took ESUT from Enugu to Agbani and built a dual-carriage road to it. He added Renaissance University, Nigeria Law School, Airfoce Secondary School to Agbani and Ugbawka (Nkanu).

    He sacked workers and employed Nkanu people, some of whom he appointed as unfit heads.
    Today, Awgu/Enugu West has no dual-carriage road, state/federal university, polytechnic, secondary school.

    Nsukka has UNN, FedPoly Ohodo, SUMAS, Agric and Social Science faculties of ESUT, Federal Government College, Leja, Army Command Secondary School Orba. and ESUTH. Gov. Ugwuanyi built or facilitated five of the seven. He also built the Opi-Nsukka dual carriage road.

    Enugu East has UNEC, UNTH, IMT, FGC, National Orthopedic Hospital, ESUT, Airforce Secondary School, Law School. Nnamani added the last two.

    Udi/Ezeagu has ENS Polyrechnic.

    Appointments reflect the same undemocratic pattern. Just a few of them under Gburu alone:

    1. Prof Ogbonna (Nsk), VC ENS Univ of Med & Appl Sci (SUMAS).
    2. Prof Asogwa (Nsk), Chair Autonomous Com Creation Cm’ttee.
    3. SSG (Nsk)
    4. Chief of Staff (Nsk)
    5. Head of Service (Nsk)
    6. Head of Internal Revenue (Nsk).
    The same trend reflects in distribution of dividends:
    7. Made-in-Nsk Trade Faire.
    8. ENS Secretariat Edeobala (Nsk).
    9. ENS MOT Udenu-Isiuzo-populated (Nsk).
    10. Enugu Capital Territory Cleaners Udenu-Isiuzo-populated (Nsk).
    11. Nsk stadium renovation.

    A tripod machine can’t work with two pods? ENS as conceived by founding fathers is being destroyed by uneven development. As the undeveloped youth is destroying the north, we pray that undeveloped Awgu youths will not attack ENS tomorrow. Let’s not wait for that stage, but be wise today.

    I come in peace, sir.

    Prof. O . C. Eneh

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